The Future of PE and Education with Innovative Technologies

Summary: In this catch-up episode of The PE Geek Podcast, we discuss the journey of exploring the use of technology in physical education over the years, the growth and development of teachers’ skillsets, and the exciting new opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the catch-up episode of The PE Geek Podcast.
    • Reflection on the journey of the podcast and its focus on technology in PE.
  • The Evolving Landscape of Education
    • Years of work producing content and advocating for innovative approaches in PE.
    • The realization that our discussions have influenced the conversation around education and PE.
    • The need to think about the next frontier and the future of education.
  • Upcoming Episodes
    • Diving into new topics and technologies shaping the future of education.
    • Discussing the tools being built to support teachers in this evolving landscape.
    • Exploring the opportunities and threats presented by new and disruptive technologies.

Join us in the next episode as we dive deeper into the future of PE and education, exploring the innovative technologies that will shape the way we teach and learn.

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