Balance It – Task Card Resource for PE Teachers

After almost 12 months of development, The Balance It app for iPhone/iPod and iPad is finally been released. Balance It is a Task Card Resource for PE Teachers. A simple and easy way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to help them develop Gymnastic skills.

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The app features over 60 hand drawn balances that progressively build up in difficulty, allowing students to develop their static balance and team work skills. Balance It is the perfect app to introduce students to the self directed approach of Task Card based learning, with a direct emphasis on students moving through the Balance Cards at their own pace with minimal teacher instruction.


– Individual Balances
– Paired Balances
– Balances of Three People
– Balances of Five People
– Larger Group Balances 



The App is also available as a downloadable PDF eBook for Printing or use in classes without mobile devices. Download it at the following online stores below.

Download on LuLu

Download on Amazon

Download on Gumroad


6 thoughts on “Balance It – Task Card Resource for PE Teachers”

  1. Thanks Mark, it has been a long time in development and even longer with the Illustrations but its finally out. Keen to see it replace my old stack of papers that have seen better days

  2. This is a pretty cool app! I think it would best help out for gymnastic instructions and things of that sort! Great way for teachers to come up with a lesson on the go too!

  3. Hey Mr. Robinson,
    I think this is a cool app. I took a gymnastic class here at the University of South Alabama and I believe if we used a tool like this it would have made explaining things a lot simple. I also believe that students are better with visualizing things. Again another great app.

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