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6-chrome chrome, new posts
6 Chrome Apps for PE Teachers

In my opinion Google Chrome is by far the best web browser on the planet, allowing me to operate with a level of fluidity and power not present in other platforms. So what makes Google Chrome so good? Well its…

7-tools new posts, offline
7 Tools to Help You When You Have No WiFI

Over the last 6 years running The PE Geek Workshops throughout the globe I’ve been able to get a real sense of the various challenges that teachers face with the implementation of technologies in their classes. One of the recurring…

top-apps-45 apps, new posts, topapps
Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 45

QR Stopwatch Recently Kevin Tiller shared this powerful little timing app that utilises QR Codes to start & stop a timer. Essentially all you have to do is hold the QR code in front of the scanner. The app will then automatically generate…

digital_access_pass connectedpe
Digital Access Pass for ConnectedPE

As many of you will know the ConnectedPE Conference is about to commence in Dubai and we’re excited to offer you a chance to catch many of the sessions from the comfort of your home with our Digital Access Pass Whats the…