Raising The Bar with BaM Video Delay

Over the years, I’ve spoken to thousands of PhysEd teachers about the app BaM Video Delay. It’s a complete game-changer that takes what used to be possible with expensive and complicated systems and makes it a reality for everyone.So Whenever I’m asked by a PE Teacher for the first app they need to install on their new device, I suggest a video delay or “timewarp” app. Essentially this is an app that lets you simultaneously record and display delayed video. Ultimately enabling a PE Teacher to point their device towards any action in the PE classroom and after the performance has been completed, the performer has adequate time to return to the screen to see their skill in. It becomes a hands-free feedback machine.

With this in mind, I wanted to explain in detail exactly how I setup and used BaM Video Delay for the first time, many years ago. It all took place when I was coaching High Jump and radically transformed the results in a really short time, cementing my absolute love and adoration for the app.

Check it out in the video below

Download BaM Video Delay for iPhone & iPad

If you have an Android device, then you will love this BaM Video Delay alternative app ‘Video Coach‘.

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How have you used a Video Delay app in your teaching or coaching?

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