Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 20


An truly exceptional augmented reality game. Place your iPad on a stable location and point the front facing camera towards you.  Your goal is simple. Move as much as you can inside of the green areas while avoiding the red areas. Heaps of fun in larger groups and especially great for junior students learning simple body manipulation skills.


A super useful app created by  Dale Sidebottom that will become a key tool in the classrooms of teachers all over the world. Exceptionally well produced with an intuitive interface, this app contains hundreds of games and activities for the classroom. You will find everything from PE activities, Brain Gym, Brain Teasers, Jokes and much more to keep your students active and engaged. With more and more evidence pointing towards the power of Brain Breaks, this app has a sure fire place in my arsenal.

Cardio Buddy – Touchless Camera Heart Rate Monitor

The creators of the most popular heart rate app “Instant Heart Rate” have brought out a touchless heart rate app that makes it possible to measure your HR by analysing the tiny colour changes in your face. This becomes a wonderful addition to the PE Classroom during fitness classes. Simply place the device at a fixed location and have students check their heart rate during a rest station. The app also takes the measurement to a new level by providing you with your heart rate history a comparisons with other users. Impressive technology.

Bit Breaker

A superb free active gaming app in which your physical movements are tracked to move the on screen paddle. Simply Place down your device, take a few steps back and play the game with your body in this arcade inspired brick breaker. Step left or right to steer the paddle and jump for a power shot!

Great Coach Netball

A superb app by the makers of Great Coach AFL. The makes it possible to quickly and easily manage a netball team. Give your team the winning edge with better planning and team performance. Great Coach Netball packs together team management, statistics and reporting tools into one application for junior through to senior teams.


A powerful Sports & Performance Psychology app that enables athletes to focus and improve their mental skills. Developed by Dr. Steve Portenga, the sport and performance psychologist for the USA Track and Field Team. Dr. Portenga originally beta tested this app with Olympic athletes.With quite a number of senior Physical Education classes completing sports psych components this free app could certainly help explore a number of concepts.


A great app for the Game Sense classroom enabling teachers, coaches and students to produce animated game play. Have students share developer deeper understanding within the games they play or use it as an assessment task for senior students.

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Fitness Tests App for Android

After a significant amount of feedback we have released the wildly popular “Fitness Tests” app for Android devices. 

Fitness Tests is the quick, easy handbook guide for PE teachers, sports coaches, personal trainers or anyone looking to measure their

The app allows for swift reference of over 30 fitness tests from aerobic capacity, through to flexibility. Upon selecting your test you will be provided with the aim, equipment, procedure and the norm standards so that you can easily and accurately complete the tests you desire.


PE Apps Bingo

In my recent workshops I have been playing a game called “App Bingo” which has proven to be a great way to introduce PE Teachers to a variety of new apps in a fun and interesting format. Heres how to play PE Apps Bingo with a group of Teachers along with the materials you will need to play the game.

1. Vist the following link on any web enabled device. You will be presented with a randomly generated bingo card. Each additional player simply needs to do the same to activate their card.

2.  Download the App Bingo presentation and present it yourself or watch the video below.

3. As apps appear, simply tap or click the corresponding square on your game sheet.

4. To make a Bingo the user will need to form a row of 5 marked squares in any direction. Up/Down/Left/Right and Even Diagonally.

Good Luck

The Video Analysis App Battle

In the last year we have seen a wave new apps hit the market that have taken the once difficult and epic time consuming task of video analysis and made it a reality . This has opened up enormous possibilities for improved student learning outcomes and I am incredibly grateful for the effort the developers have put into the apps.

So with this in mind, I thought it was time to see what you all considered to be the best video analysis app. Please select your favorite in the poll below and leave a comment to go into the draw to win an iTunes gift card.

Ubersense                                           Coach’s Eye


    Dartfish Express                           CoachMyVideo


      Pair Player                                    Video Coach


Music Workout App for Android

The Music Workout app has been available for over a year for iPhone/iPod and in that time it has been a wildly popular app amongst PE Teachers and Fitness instructors across the world. With this in mind the largest request I have is to make it available for Android users.

So after a few weeks of development, Music Workout is now available for both Android smartphone and tablet users. Get it now at the Google Play Store

Music Workout is a unique interval timer that utilises your music to inform you when it’s time to rest and time to work. Perfect for teachers, coaches, trainers or anyone looking to improve their fitness. A great tool for facilitating group rotations and activities in PE Classes.