Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 20

Recurse An truly exceptional augmented reality game. Place your iPad on a stable location and point the front facing camera towards you.  Your goal is simple. Move as much as you can inside of the green areas while avoiding the…

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Fitness Tests App for Android

After a significant amount of feedback we have released the wildly popular “Fitness Tests” app for Android devices.  Fitness Tests is the quick, easy handbook guide for PE teachers, sports coaches, personal trainers or anyone looking to measure their fitness….

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PE Apps Bingo

In my recent workshops I have been playing a game called “App Bingo” which has proven to be a great way to introduce PE Teachers to a variety of new apps in a fun and interesting format. Heres how to play PE…

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The Video Analysis App Battle

In the last year we have seen a wave new apps hit the market that have taken the once difficult and epic time consuming task of video analysis and made it a reality . This has opened up enormous possibilities…

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Music Workout App for Android

The Music Workout app has been available for over a year for iPhone/iPod and in that time it has been a wildly popular app amongst PE Teachers and Fitness instructors across the world. With this in mind the largest request…

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iPads & Android in Physical Education Workshop
Join me for an action packed one day workshop focussed on integrating emerging technologies into the PE & Sport Science classrooms. The day will explore current technologies and emerging pedagogies which are being used in innovative Physical Education classrooms around world

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