PE Apps Bingo

In my recent workshops I have been playing a game called “App Bingo” which has proven to be a great way to introduce PE Teachers to a variety of new apps in a fun and interesting format. Heres how to play PE Apps Bingo with a group of Teachers along with the materials you will need to play the game.

1. Vist the following link on any web enabled device. You will be presented with a randomly generated bingo card. Each additional player simply needs to do the same to activate their card.

2.  Download the App Bingo presentation and present it yourself or watch the video below.


3. As apps appear, simply tap or click the corresponding square on your game sheet.

4. To make a Bingo the user will need to form a row of 5 marked squares in any direction. Up/Down/Left/Right and Even Diagonally.

Good Luck

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