Need to track your students laps! Here’s are  simple solution to help you out!

QR Laps (iOS)

This powerful little lap counting app utilises QR Codes to help you count student laps. Essentially all you have to do is hold the QR code in front of the scanner. The app will then automatically generate then name and record 1 lap to the students total. If you scan the code again, the number of laps increases. Once finished you can generate an mail report that contains the rankings, individual distance totals and overall group total.

One of the best features is the apps QR Code generator tool which you can use to generate the QR Code ID cards which you can then print and save. Each QR code is embedded in a student ID card in a credit card size and can be customised with your own logos.

See it in all action in the demo video below;

How do you track student laps with Technology? Should we bring back our Run Lap Tap App?