Share Your Big Screen

If you’ve followed this website for any period of time you’ll be aware of my LOVE for the use of Big Screen Displays in the PE classroom. This has culminated in some of our most viewed posts;

  1. 5 Ways to Connect your iPad to a Big Screen
  2. 10 Ways You Can Use A Big Screen Display in PE

The best part about Big Screens is that they provide a platform for sharing all types of media that previously would have not been possible.  This opens up the door to cloning yourself in a variety of ways.

With this in mind, I regularly get contacted by teachers around the globe asking the for help and guidance around the installation of a Big Screen Display in their PE classes. So to combat this I’ve prepared a letter of support for helping you to secure one in your classroom. Simple complete the following form and we’ll send it right over.

However, to help make the advocacy even easiest for PE Teachers around the globe I’d love for you to share your ‘Big Screen’ Setup. In doing so, Ill place you in the draw for an iPad Tripod valued at $150 USD (drawn on 27th of September, 2017)

Here are the steps

  1. Snap a photo of your big screen dsplay
  2. Complete the following form
  3. Come back to this blog post and see the images as they update

The Big Screen Collection

**Stay tuned for the collection of Big Screens appearing here**

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