5 Ways to Connect your iPad to a Big Screen

Over the years one of the most popular questions I receive on a virtually daily basis is “what do you recommend I use to connect my iPad to a big screen?” – The question has a variety of different answers, which depend on the supporting devices and network capabilities, which can make it all a little confusing.

As a result of the confusion, I’ve decided to piece together a resource outlining all of various options. The resource also includes a PDF Summary Cheat Sheet with each options pro’s, con’s and considerations which can be downloaded below.

VGA or HDMI Adapter



Use this to connect your iPad directly to your projector or TVs Video Cable.  It’s a physical connections so it can deteriorate with repeated use over time. It will also come loose and require reconnection if moved too vigorously while using the device.

Reflector 2

Reflector 2 is a piece of software that you install on your Mac or PC. Once installed, connect the computer to the projector or TV and you will be able to use the AirPlay feature on the iPad to wirelessly transmit to the screen. Reflector 2 requires the iPad and Computer to be connected to the same Network, which can present a problem as some Networks block the port needed for AirPlay broadcast to work.

Apple TV


Once you connect your apple TV to your projector or TV, You can then use the AirPlay feature on the iPad to wirelessly transmit the iPad screen to the big screen. Bear in mind that this approach requires that the iPad and Apple TV be connected to the same Network.

OSX Yosemite & El Capitan



Using your Mac running OS X 10.9 or newer (Yosemite, El Capitan) connect your projector to the Mac and attach the iPad to the Mac using its Lightning cable. Open QuckTime & choose iPad as the camera source.




Once you install the iTools software on your Windows PC and connect it to a projector. You can then attach your iPad using its cable & select LIVE desktop function from inside iTools.

Lots to remember I know – So with this in mind, I’ve pieced together a summary cheat sheet that outlines all of the options and their respective details. The document also includes links to further supportive material and video tutorials which outline the setup of each option in your Phys Ed Classroom.

It’s also become apparent that there is a growing take up of PhysEd classes implementing large screens in their programs to help facilitate learning outcomes. So to assist in helping more schools advocate for the power of a large screen, I’ve included a QR Code which links to an advocacy video outlining 10 ways you can use a big screen in your PE Program. My big hope is that by providing this simple resource more teachers will have the ammunition they need to approach their admin for budgetary support.


Do you have a big screen in your PE classroom? Leave a comment and attaching a photo of your setup and inspire others in the process.
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