Animated Gif & Looping Video Maker

I must say It’s been quite a while since I released a new app, however, the time is right to finally release a tool I’ve been eager to bring to life for quite some time.  The desire to make this happen stemmed from the increased attention that Animated GIF’s have been receiving inside of PE Programs in recent years. Just last year I blogged about this resurgence and outlined how they could be produced from your laptop and YouTube videos.

While this was a great advancement, it was still somewhat of an issue to build them on your mobile devices and with teachers spending more and more time on mobile platforms I needed to build a tool to solve this problem once and for all.

Introducing Loop It….

With Loop It, you can create animated GIFs with just a few taps. Use either your photos or videos on your device and turn them into a GIF sequence in seconds. See how it works below;

Other Key Features

* Create GIFs from videos & photos on your device
* Edit Animated GIFS inside of the editor in seconds
* Rearrange the frames of your GIFs
* Control the speed of GIF playback
* Save individual GIF frames as images
* Save GIFs directly to your device photos. When you save a GIF to your camera roll, it will not animate. It is still saved as an animated GIF, however.

Animated GIF’s in the Physical Education Classroom?

. When Introducing a new skill to a group, turn the key phases into an animated GIF and showcase this on Loop via a large screen display.

2. Embed the GIF in Google Form for a great way to create a test, survey or questionnaire surrounding student understanding of skills or movement.

3. Turn the GIF into a QR Code, that way when scanned on a mobile device you have a looping skill card.

4. Have students record themselves performing skills and turn them into GIFs as evidence of progression

5. Plus many other ways. [coming to you in a webinar soon]


It’s never been easier to make Animated GIFs – Download Now and get started in you PE Program


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