Looping Skill Demos

Remember Animated Gifs? They featured all over the early internet as a way of providing moving images long before YouTube made  Video so easy. Here’s an example of one below;

animation (1)
Well, there certainly making a comeback and best of all they’ve never been easier to create.

So how exactly do you make them? and more importantly how have I been using them in my PE Classroom & Presentations? Find out how in the video below or step-by-step instructions.

How to use Animated Gifs in PE

1. When Introducing a new skill to a group, turn the key phases into an animated GIF and showcase this on Loop via a large screen display

2. Embed them in Google Forms for a great way to create a test, survey or questionnaire surrounding student understanding of skills or movement.

3. Upload the GIF and share the URL to your heart’s content (see example)

4. Turn the URL from the upload above into a QR Code, that when scanned on a mobile device provides a skill prompt. Scan the QR Code below to see this in action;


Step by Step Instructions

1 – Open the Google Chrome Browser & visit the Chrome Web Store

2- Download & Install the MakeGif Video Capture Extension

3 – Locate a video on YouTube or any other website and find the specific section of the video you wish to turn into a Gif. Pause the video.

4. Click the Make a Gif Extension located in your browser and click, ‘Start’

5. Once you’ve captured the segment you require, simply hit ‘done’ followed by generate Gif

6.  After it finishes compiling and encoding the frames you can download to your computer by clicking ‘save gif’

Leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter and let me know how you’ve used them or intend to use them.
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