The QR Codes & Augmented Reality in PE Webinar

Over the years, I’ve blogged extensively about QR Codes and the various ways in which they can be incorporated into the Physical Education classroom.  These have included ideas ranging from the super simple, right through to activities which have helped me deliver more student centred & self-paced lessons. I also receive regular emails from teachers sharing how they’ve used them with great successThe same is true for Augmented Reality which is an incredible emerging technology that is

The same is true for Augmented Reality which is an incredible emerging technology that is starting to bring to life, some truly incredible possibilities for learning.

With all this in mind,  I have prepared a 60-minute FREE webinar focusing on the how you can leverage QR Codes & Augmented Reality in both the practical and theoretical PE settings.

So what does the webinar include?

  • What QR Codes Are
  • The History & Evolution of QR Codes
  • How to make them in less than a minute
  • How you and your students can scan them on any device
  • Over 10 was to integrate them into Physical Education practical & theoretical lessons
  • What Augmented Reality is and why it matters
  • Different Augmented Reality based apps and resources for immediate PE Classroom use
  • How AR can get you moving without realising
  • & much more

Best of all, its 100% FREE and available NOW. All those who complete the FULL webinar will also receive a personalized certificate for their attendance.

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a Physical Education Teacher of students at any age level and you want to learn what QR Codes & Augmented Reality are and how they can be used in PE. Then this is for you”

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