5 iPad Accessories for Every PE Teacher

It’s true that the iPad has been a truly revolutionary device, that has enabled me to take my classes to an entirely new level. However, a big part of this has been made possible by a collection of what I call my ‘Must Have iPad Accessories’. See the list below for a collection of tools I use in just about every session that make my iPad an even more powerful member of my classroom.

1) iPad Tripod

Go hands-free with an iPad Tripod. Simply attach your iPad to the adjustable tripod and your free to move around your classroom.

Screenshot 2015-05-30 14.21.42

Setup the tripod in place at the start of your session, launch an app and you’re good to go. These are an absolute must and play a pivotal role in every single class I teach, enabling me to maximize the use of the device without sacrificing my arms or my movement in the process. The perfect way to take your use of BaM Video Delay to a whole new level. You can get the ONLY iPad tripod I here.


2) A Big Screen Connection (Apple TV or VGA/HDMI Adapters)

Use this attachment to connect your iPad 4 or Greater to a standard VGA or HDMI based projector. This allows you to share your screen with the entire group. Buy one here. You can also achieve the same thing albeit wirelessly by using an Apple TV.

Screenshot 2015-05-30 13.51.12
Apple TV is the absolute best way to project your iPads screen to a larger screen for sharing. Simply connect the apple TV unit to your projector or TV. Once completed you can then wirelessly transmit your iPad over your WiFi Network.

Using an Apple TV will enable you to move freely around your PE Classroom showcasing apps etc without the fuss of cords. See it in action in my PE Classroom via the following video.

3) Griffin Survivor Case

The Survivor Case by name, the Survivor case by nature.  Basically, this means it will take everything you throw at it and some more.  The perfect case for the active PE Classroom to ensure they stay safe, especially in situations where students are using your device or a combined class set. Grab one here.

4) Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar H7 Heart Rate monitor truly is an incredible device. Not only does it track Heart Rate accurately, but it does it all without a watch. Instead it sends all the HR data direct to your iPad or iPhone.


This allows the user to dig right into the data in ways you would have thought never possible, such as tracking a class full of students during a Beep or Pacer Test. An incredible device that makes Heart Rate Telemetry all the more incredible.  Grab one here

5)UE Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I often get asked for portable and wireless music solutions for the iPad that can fill a room with rich sound. This used to be a difficult question to answer, however, after hearing about the UE Boom, It became an immediate purchase.


With the abundance of streaming music options including FitRadio, Spotify or Pandora now available, the UE Boom makes it entirely possible to have music as part of every session you teach. For my classes, it solved the complete lack of sound infrastructure in our outdoor spaces.  Get a UE Boom here


So what’s on your shopping list? Do you have a collection of accessories that you use with your iPad? If so, leave a comment below, I’d love to see what you’re using.

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