Live HR Tracking a Beep Test With The Polar Team App

You know those days when your teaching and you’re excitement level is greater than the students? Well, that was me today when LIVE tracking the heart rates of my Year 12 PE students during the Beep Test. The technology that makes this a reality is simply incredible, making the once impossible…..truly possible.  Watch the video below to see it in action.

So how exactly do you make this  make this possible in your PE classroom?

1. Apple TV – This revolutionary device at a super price point of around $100 makes it possible to wirelessly mirror an iOS device or Mac computer to any TV or Projector that the device is connected to. Apple TV connects to a wireless network, and as long as the iPad is on the same network you can complete a function known as ‘AirPlay’ to mirror the content. In the picture below my iPad is being ‘mirrored’ to an Apple TV, which is conveniently connected to the Projector. This makes it possible for me to showcase content from my iPad from anywhere in the room. The true essence of mobility.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.01.07 PM


2. Polar Team iPad App 

Occasionally a mobile app comes out that takes things to a whole new level, often making something we could of only ever dreamed of a complete reality. With the ‘Polar Team‘ iPad app it’s now possible to live track up to 40 Heart Rates via a single iPad device and your devices bluetooth connection. See the app in action in the video below.

3. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitors

To make use of the Polar Team App, you’ll need an iPad and a Polar H7 heart rate sensor for each player. These special heart rate monitors are not only more affordable than traditional units, but far more powerful when connected to a smart device. I highly recommend grabbing the sensors via the Polar Shop Website, who are shipping these worldwide to PE Teachers at the cheapest prices. My school was lucky enough to buy a 10 pack, but they are also available in packs of 20 and 30.

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So what would you do if you could live track your students Heart Rate? Leave a comment below to go into the draw for a Polar H7 heart rate sensor. I look forward to reading your responses.


40 thoughts on “Live HR Tracking a Beep Test With The Polar Team App”

  1. It would allow me to show the class responses to exercise via tracking with the polar h7 and Dara projection. Much more discussion in real time.

  2. Opportunity class is about to start active lifestyle unit. Will involve analyzing the actual activity vs perceived activity in various PE units eg cross country, games, dance. Along with GPS information to show distance travelled, I would love to use live tracking of HR info to enable comparison of intensity levels.

  3. Kaitlyn Mitchell

    This would be a game changer for my PE program. This would allow kids of all ages to challenge themselves in a very personal way that is tailored to their own physical fitness level. Regardless of the activity we are doing, students would be more motivated to keep their heart rate up for as long as possible during class. My assessments would be more authentic as well. Anything from dance, tag games, badminton, fitness testing, etc…Polar Heart Rate Monitors would motivate the class!

  4. I would “live track” my students to help them understand training the various energy systems and how to train based on their own personal goals. This would also allow my middle school students to have a more personalized experience in PE, track their own amount of class time in MVPA and to gain a deeper understanding/appreciation for cardiovascular endurance, specifically.

  5. To take my pupils understanding to the next level. We talk the talk about heart rate zones but it would be great to actually walk the walk. Deeper, more meaningful learning within PE lessons.

  6. Just got a grant for a class set of 30 to be used with my 4/5 grades. Going to use minutes in THZ as a criteria for grading effort/participation. Now I will be able to see if a heavier student walking is doing the same amount of “work” as a fit student who may be jogging. Going to be eye opening to students are parents!!! Using the Polar Got Fit webservice so parents can log in from home and see the heart rates/activity levels of their students in my class! A real motivator for me to design lessons which focus on keeping the kids active and limit my own “talk time.”

  7. Really awesome set up you have there. The monitors definitely raise awareness of what it takes to get to THR zone. But real time tracking motivates kids to go harder I am sure. I might do research to correlate healthy fitness zone on pacer test vs avg heart rate for duration of pacer test.

  8. I am currently focusing on the body’s physiological responses to physical activity with my Grade 2 students and one thing we have discussed is heart rate. I have been using the Human Body app that you recommended a while back to visually show students the responses of the heart, and to have access to a heart rate monitor would allow the students to understand their own heart rate increases and decreases when participating in physical activity.

  9. Ricardo Segorbe

    It would allow me to show the wonders of tech that can help them improve their skills and fitness results, because at least 95% of my students never heard about Polar or anything like that. The closest they get with new tech is my iPad and the projector that i use.

  10. Laura Bebbington

    After seeing this previewed on the PE Geek Workshop in Bangkok, this is something we are looking to budget for for next year. Having an introduction with one of the heart rate monitors would be awesome for GCSE PE affects of exercise or main school fitness lessons

  11. I would love to use this to increase the accuracy of data that my elementary students are able to track when taking part in our Health & Fitness unit. Currently we only use free iPad apps and have found them to be irregular and unreliable. This has been a fantastic learning experience about the reliability of results. This device would add to that discussion.

  12. Students could make an individual HR goal and have real time results to see how close they are to their particular goal. Teachers can reflect on data after class to see which portions of their lesson lead to the highest levels of HR percentages. Teachers could use this data to improve lesson content, student engagement and management episodes.

  13. My goal in PE classes is for students to be engaged in their learning and to know ‘why’ we do things. This is that ‘why’. Visual representation of how the body adapts to physical effort. Perfect teaching moment.

  14. Would enable a greater engagement for students between the theoretical aspects and the practical aspects of senior PE. Want to use live HR tracking to make a comparison between positions on the touch field and as base data for students to design training sessions for a specific position. Evaluation of program activities can be instant and provide students with data for improvement in activity design.

  15. After flipping the classroom for the topic of Energy Systems, students would do a lab on the rowers watch real time their heart rates on a projector identifing training zones and when they switch between Energy Systems. Would allow great practical application.

  16. Children live and play with technology all around them, and by using these in your classroom, you can aid total engagement. The students can visually see the effects of HR depending on the exercise. A set up like that is what I dream of being a PEGEEK!!

  17. I want to be able to show my students the effort needed to put their hearts into their target heart rate zones and to see if they can keep their hearts in the heart rate zones for 15-20 minutes.

  18. The absolute best part about this is that we can give a very objective grade based on effort while looking at the % of HR Max. This is one of the best things that has happened to Physical Education, ever!

  19. Hello,
    I am a student in an educational media class assigned to comment on your blog. As a fitness enthusiast I was intrigued by this technology and immediately thought of the spin classes at our gym on our work site. Our classes are usually less than 10 people so this would not be terribly expensive to launch. It would be nice to look up on a wall mounted monitor to see my real time heart rate instead of getting the customary 10 second count at check points. I am also a math teacher and thought of the collaboration this could inspire between PE and math teachers. There are so many things we can do with these numbers in a math class! What is the response from your students and how often do you use them?

  20. Have students pick a partner who they think are the same fitness level then have them try to keep your heart rates at the same number- when done with a 5 minute trial have the jog for 5 minutes at the same speed and have them compare heart rates. Discuss their findings- one students aha moment was “I don’t have to work as hard to go the same speed” as her partner. Great for understanding heart rates and why monitoring is truly individualized

  21. Another brilliant idea from a leader in our field,keep giving us goals to achieve and gadgets to explore…. U da man robbo

  22. Hey my name is Joshua Turnipseed and I’m a student at the University of South Alabama. I’m enrolled in edm310 and am assigned to comment on your blog. But I would definitely agree with you, I also find this fascinating! It is really great for students to see what they’re doing and their progress on a big screen. It also could help motivate them and challenge each other.

  23. I was excited by this app and equipment when you introduced it at your seminar, but to see it in action is amazing! The possible learning engagements seem endless, nice one!!q

  24. I would use the H7 monitors to allow for objective assessment during activities instead of subjective effort grading. I would project their HR’s to also give my students visual feedback of their effort levels to be coupled with RPE and other tools.

  25. What a great tool for students to learn about their heart instant feedback on how it is saying thank you for working harder. I would use as math lessons with difference between the highest working rate 1 min. Later and use that as talking about healthy heart.

  26. This would ive me the opportunity to teach my elementary level kids how the heart works and how exercice or physical activity influences their hearts ! Sounds great !

  27. The Polar Team app is awesome. But if you are a teacher you would want to use Polar Go Fit app. This will allow you to track more then 40 students. This will also allow for tracking of your students over time. You will also be able to enter fitness assessment scores this fall.

  28. We just started using these in our PE classes this fall. This technology reinforces one major thing: accountability. Not only are students accountable for ensuring their heart heart is in the target heart rate zone, teachers are accountable designing lessons that engage students, giving them an opportunity to work on their cardiovascular fitness. Also, it makes teachers realize that even though it looks like a student isn’t exerting themselves, often their heart rate will dictate other wise. Students have realized that some activities, like yoga and dance may not drastically increase their heart rate, and that’s okay. Students are given live feedback on how hard they are working during class. Not only has student motivation increased, but relationships among class mates has too. This is by far the best piece of technology I have ever worked with in the gym – I would highly recommend it!

  29. This looks FANTASTIC!! We currently do use Polar HR watches but this would update our resources and allow us to engage our students on a new level of interest and competition/comparison.
    We would use this with our students on our personal training course, those students are on a skills pathway to allow them access to further study other than tertiary once they leave school.

  30. This would be an excellent tool to challenge our senior students in their training, set goals and create a bit of competition with themselves/others. It would also be a great reflective tool for the students training for events. And lets be honest, what PE teacher wouldn’t want to join in on the FUN!!! I saw how you used it at your PE Geek workshop and raved about it to the dept, so to win some would be AWESOME 🙂

  31. Great opportunity for our students to use this for their training. Awesome way for them to engage and have fun.

  32. I just bought a set of 10 and they were awesome! We were playing tag games and any time a student’s heart rate dropped too low, they were the next taggers! The app gives a great analysis of the session at the end as well, how long they were in certain HR zones, max HRs etc. Very cool and fun way to stay active and learn about our body’s response to exercise.

  33. Great way for junior seniors to see what senior PE would be like by analysing heart rates… This would help students choose PE as their senior subject!

  34. This would be awesome! Our 3-5 grade students use accelerators to track their steps, activity time and moderate to vigorous physical activity time. Having a heart rate sensor would provide them with the most accurate indicator of their fitness. Students can compare their heart rate during running days to other activities, and see how hard they are actually working.

  35. Hi Jarrod, we have been using this technology at Banksia Park International High School for a couple of years and have found it incredibly versatile. To add the final touch, at the same time we start the heart rate monitors, we begin filming the students taking part in a variety of games. This means that they get a printout of the training zones in which they participated, a graph of their heart rate during activity and now a video clip of what they were actually doing when their heart rate was responding to exercise. Amazing app!!

  36. This is so awesome! I wish I had the small class sizes (smallest class is 21 and largest is 38) and a budget (for 3 grade levels of P.E. my colleague and had a budget of about $800.00).

    Given my large class sizes, and the data that I have pulled the last two years (our average student is borderline overweight/obese) so I would really love to track HR and design workouts for them that use HR

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