The Video & Physical Education eCourse App

Earlier this year I released a special video eCourse which has gone on to be completed by hundreds of teachers all over the world; The eCourse ‘iPads, Video & Physical Education‘ has proven to be really well received, so I thought I would take it to the next level by making it available as its own dedicated iPhone & iPad app.

The app has also been designed as a means of enabling PE Teachers to up-skill themselves in a completely self paced environment, directly from the device the course is designed to teach them about. It seriously couldn’t be easier.

See a video demo of the app in action below or by clicking here.

The eCourse now makes it possible for those unable to attend the workshops to access training material while also providing opportunities for those who have attended the workshops to review training as needed.

Featuring over 15 Individual Training Videos and 90 Minutes of Exclusive PE Geek Content, these step-by-step videos are bound to prove useful and include;

1. An Introduction to Coach’s Eye
2. Recording & Importing Video in Coach’s Eye
3. Conducting a Dual Video Side-by-Side Analysis
4. Recording & Sharing your Analysis, Narration & Telestration
5. Organizing your Coach’s Eye Library
6. Transfering Photos & Videos between devices
7. Downloading Videos to your iPad
8. Getting Started with SloPro, Playback at 500fps & Editing
9. Creating Instant replays with BaM Video Delay
10. Creating 4 Concurrent Instant Replays with BaM Video Delay
11. Conducting a Single Video Analysis with Ubersense
12. Side by Side Analysis & Overlays with Ubersense
13. Recording & Sharing Reviews
14. Tagging Points of Interest During Live action
15. Tagging Points of Interest with pre-recorded footage
16. iPads, Video & Physical Education Closing Keynote

So go ahead and download this one-of-a-kind professional learning resource from the iTunes App store by clicking the link below


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