Better Together

The other day I sat down and opened up Google Docs to start work on a new presentation for an upcoming conference. This process would usually see me slowly add to and develop my ideas on a given topic over time. However on this particular occasion I’ve decided to trial a different method for the creation of the presentation. The new method involves starting with a blank presentation and crowd sourcing the ideas from everyone within my network.

This approach was made popular by Tom Barrett and the Interesting Ways presentations, ultimately changing the way people share their ideas. I felt this same approach could work well with the ever growing mix of PE teachers who are interested in utilising emerging technology in their practice. The exciting aspect is that I will learn about even more ways to utilise Technology in Physical Education and for those attending my session they won’t only be hearing my personal ideas.

So heres how it works…

1) Access the presentation here

2) Add your idea/s to the presentation no matter how simple or complex. You can also add your  twitter or personal details so that others can attribute your ideas to you.

3) Share the presentation with as many people as you like.

After time we will have assisted each other in creating a useful document that could be utilised for things such as training, personal development or for persuading others to join the #pegeeks network.

So go ahead and share your ideas, spread the word and most importantly remember that we are all better together.

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