Beep Test In A Snap

As a part of senior Physical Education class my students are required to plan and participate within a training program based on a particular set of fitness components. In order to determine their strengths and weaknesses students select a set of fitness tests and complete them before and after the implementation of the training program. In the past this assessment has taken place using pen and paper and complicated test norms tables and mathematical formulas. However with the influx of mobile applications, fitness assessment has taken a dramatic change that has improved test facilitation efficiency and helped students explore their results to a greater level. For example we need look no further than the simple, yet highly powerful…

Bleep Test Pro – This nifty little iPhone/iPod/iPad application not only makes the audible noises required to complete the test, but it allows for multiple people or teams to complete the test with the one device all at the same time. Simply add all of the users and select those who are participating in the test. As the user finishes the test, simply tap their name to record their results. This information is then stored over time presenting a thorough analysis of results. (Android option here)


With Fitness assessment never being simpler, students can now actually focus on the training and physiology behind the test as opposed to the often unimportant aspects.

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