Graphing On The Go

In an activity similar to one I completed last year, my year 11 Physical Education students were completing a Laboratory activity that involved them recording their heart rates and blood pressure during varying exercise intensities.  The very nature of this activity meant that we had to leave the standard classroom and venture into the school gymnasium.

With this is mind I wanted to ensure that the data that was being sourced within the session would be instantly displayed for the students to analyse.  To make this possible I setup a Google Doc Spreadsheet on my computer the previous day and then accessed this spreadsheet via my iPhone while we were in the Gymnasium. As students received information on their change in heart rates and blood pressure, I added this to the spreadsheet.


As this was happening the data was also being displayed in a graph back in our classroom about 100m away. On completion of the laboratory we returned to a beautifully presented graph that detailed all of the students changes in heart rate and blood pressure.


The instant analysis and discussion that followed was indeed highly valuable and deepened their overall understanding of the hearts responses to exercise.

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