The Easy Portfolio App – ePortfolio Tool for Students & Teachers

After months of development I am pleased to announce that the Easy Portfolio iPhone/iPad app has finally arrived. To put it simply, Easy Portfolio is the easiest and most powerful way to capture learning evidence.  With one touch you can add 6 different types of records including photos, videos, audio, documents, URLs and Notes and share them via email or Dropbox. Never has there been an easy way to capture your students progress. Grab the app here or check it out in action below

To celebrate the release I am giving away an iPod Touch to the person who can develop the best video demonstrating the power of Easy Portfolio. To enter the video contest, simply go to the following link and enter before the 13th of July 2012. Good Luck.

Augmented Reality & Geolocation Gaming In PE

In the past few months ARIS Games has gathered an increased amount of presence within a variety of online spaces and has led me to start planning for its use within my classes next semester. Essentially ARIS Games enables you or your students to create GPS based games in a fully interactive environment where your imagination is truly the limit.

To get started with ARIS you will need the following

Once you have the following sorted, make sure you watch the video tutorial below to get started with your first game in the ARIS platform.

Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 15


This simple, yet effective app enables users to measure their sprint start reaction time from the starting blocks. Simply place the iPhone or iPod inside your pocket, or better yet an armband and press the start button. You will then be prompted with “take your marks, set” and then a gun will sound. Your reaction time will be noted and displayed on screen following your explosive start. Anything under 100ms is considered a false start. Use this app to hone in your starting skills in an athletics unit.


The easiest way to produce beautiful slow motion videos. A great way to explore movement and sports action in any context. A must have.


ActionShot lets you shoot sequential movement images in a snap. Simply point the camera in the direction of your intended target, the app will take a series of photos of the movement in action. You need to ensure that you hold the phone still and don’t follow the movement of the player. The finished results are spectacular. Try it in athletic field events such as triple jump to produce an amazing sequential action shot highlighting the key points.

Runtastic Altimeter

A brilliant altimeter that enables you to check accurate altitude information without an internet connection. Use it during hikes or outdoor activities to facilitate discussion on altitude and its effects on exercise performance. Compare and contrast the altitude during a trip to sea level and a snow field. Other features include GPS co-ordinates, weather and sunrise/sunset information. A great app


A superb running app that enables users to train with or race against others who use the app. Simply start a run, invite a friend and wait for the run to start. You will then receive audio cues at nominated times telling you who is in the lead and how far ahead they are. What a fantastic way to promote activity with people on the other side of the world. Checkout the demo video of the app in action here

Team Shake

A simple app for randomly deciding teams in your classes. A clean but powerful interface enables you to quickly add class lists and sort out random teams in a flash.

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Mobile App Development for Teachers

Last weekend I presented at the ICTEV state conference in a session entitled “Im Just A Teacher and I’ve Made an App”. The session explored the powers of mobile learning and how teachers and students can make app development a reality for their classes. You can find the session notes at the wiki page or follow along with the mobile app built for the session.

You can watch the entire presentation below