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Wearing a Nintendo Wiimote During Sport

During 2011 I will be conducting a laboratory activity with senior physical education students that focuses on using subjective and objective measures of physical activity. Some of the common measures include

  • Self Reports such as diaries and logbooks
  • Heart Rate monitors
  • Pedometers

However the senior VCE Physical Education course requires students to understand how accelerometers could also be used to analyse physical activity. This is a big problem for most as the cost of buying these units for use in class outweighs the advantages…..Well….until you factor in the Nintendo Wiimote.

In the video below, I explain just how easy it is to use your Nintendo Wiimote as a fully fledged accelerometer, that allows for intense analysis of Physical Activity.

Looking for a tutorial showing you step by step setup of the Nintendo wiimote with your computer? Try one of my older blog posts here

Download the software here

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2 Responses

  1. Brilliant post, love the video, here is how I used it:
    1. Compare sprint starts (interesting to see different vertical accelations and horizontal)
    2. Throwing & catching but I put inside a foam ball so more authentic skill
    3. High jump
    4. Running to show forces on the body

    Ben :-)

  2. [...] to use on the school’s wireless network, a couple of wii-remotes (thanks for the ideas Mr Robbo), and finally 4 sports GPS’s (they’re meant for cycling but come with an arm band too). [...]

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