Wearing a Nintendo Wiimote During Sport

During 2011 I will be conducting a laboratory activity with senior physical education students that focuses on using subjective and objective measures of physical activity. Some of the common measures include

  • Self Reports such as diaries and logbooks
  • Heart Rate monitors
  • Pedometers

However the senior VCE Physical Education course requires students to understand how accelerometers could also be used to analyse physical activity. This is a big problem for most as the cost of buying these units for use in class outweighs the advantages…..Well….until you factor in the Nintendo Wiimote.

In the video below, I explain just how easy it is to use your Nintendo Wiimote as a fully fledged accelerometer, that allows for intense analysis of Physical Activity.

Looking for a tutorial showing you step by step setup of the Nintendo wiimote with your computer? Try one of my older blog posts here

Download the software here

The SMS Mailing List

With summer fast approaching here in Australia, the UV index is rapidly advancing into the extreme zones. This means that student’s now more than ever, need to ensure that they are properly  hydrated and wear adequate sun protection. With this in mind I recently had students from Boort Secondary College subscribe to a SMS mailing list. The purpose of the mailing list is to send a couple of SMS messages throughout the week aimed at raising awareness towards some of the major preventable health issues.

This week student’s received messages like the ones below

To make this possible in your school try one of the following excellent bulk message SMS services such as www.smsexpress.com.au or www.smsglobal.com.au

How could this idea of casual non invasive learning via mobile devices be extended? Let me know below.

Good Old Simple Surveys

This week in my senior Physical Education class, the students designed a survey that sought to gauge the reasons why adolescents participated within Physical Activity. The survey contained questions surrounding all aspects of being active. In order to make this all possible the students designed their survey using www.obsurvey.com, within minutes they had a survey that was ready for the web.

The most exciting aspect of Obsurvey was the ability to share to their personal Facebook accounts. With this in mind, the student’s were really keen to draw on the connections they have online to complete their surveys.  From my point of view the plus side of using this simple service, was the fact that on return to class the students were able to look through an extensive series of responses that informed a major assessment piece.

Never underestimate the power of a simple survey for collecting responses from the wider world.

Other Alternatives include