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Active Globe – An Innovative Fitness Experience

I’m so excited to showcase a preview of my upcoming Active Globe website, which lets you turn your (or your students) Physical Activity into a real world travel experience. Travel as an individual or as a class around the globe to complete your Fitness Goals. See it in action below.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the launch of this one-of-a-kind website, sign up here and I’ll let you know when its ready for action.

EP10 – Downloading, Stretching & Sworking Out

In this episode of The PE Geek Podcast we look at a random assortment of websites, tools and must have apps that do everything from help you download videos to your device, and help you work out. This includes the apps Tube Downloader, Stretch It & Swork It Pro. We also focus on the ways you can use the www.physedgames.com website within your lessons.

Got a burning tech and PE question you want answered in the next episode? Drop us a Voicemail at www.thepegeek.com/voicemail . You can also download The PE Geek Podcast app to stay connected to the latest episodes while on the go

EP9 – How Fit Are You?

In this the latest episode of The PE Geek Podcast we explore the many and varied tools that support fitness testing in the PE Classroom. These include superb apps such as Bleep Test Pro, Army Fitness, Fitness Tests & Fitness Meter. We also take a look at the incredible Zepp Sensors, which I have BIG plans for in my senior PE Classroom.

Press Play below to listen or visit the podcast page here


Got a burning tech and PE question you want answered in the next episode? Drop us a Voicemail at www.thepegeek.com/voicemail . You can also download The PE Geek Podcast app to stay connected to the latest episodes while on the go.

Stretch It – Stretching, Warm Up & Cool Down Task Cards

After months of development and countless requests for an app of this type from, colleagues around the globe I am pleased to announce that Stretch It has now gone live. To put it simply, “Stretch It” is a circuit and stretching task card series for teachers and students. A truly simple and powerful way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to help them warm up and cool down.

Featuring over 60 hand drawn stretch activities that progressively build up in difficulty, allowing students to develop their skills in a self paced manner. This app is bound to engage all students.

Download for the following devices below



Android Phones & Tablets


 The App is also available as a downloadable PDF eBook for Printing or use in classes without mobile devices. Download it at the following online stores below.



Leave a comment below regarding how you would use the app in your classroom and I’ll pick 5 people to receive both a copy of the app and the eBook resource for FREE.

Live HR Tracking a Beep Test With The Polar Team App

You know those days when your teaching and you’re excitement level is greater than the students? Well, that was me today when LIVE tracking the heart rates of my Year 12 PE students during the Beep Test. The technology that makes this a reality is simply incredible, making the once impossible…..truly possible.  Watch the video below to see it in action.

So how exactly do you make this  make this possible in your PE classroom?

1. Apple TV – This revolutionary device at a super price point of around $100 makes it possible to wirelessly mirror an iOS device or Mac computer to any TV or Projector that the device is connected to. Apple TV connects to a wireless network, and as long as the iPad is on the same network you can complete a function known as ‘AirPlay’ to mirror the content. In the picture below my iPad is being ‘mirrored’ to an Apple TV, which is conveniently connected to the Projector. This makes it possible for me to showcase content from my iPad from anywhere in the room. The true essence of mobility.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.01.07 PM


2. Polar Team iPad App 

Occasionally a mobile app comes out that takes things to a whole new level, often making something we could of only ever dreamed of a complete reality. With the ‘Polar Team‘ iPad app it’s now possible to live track up to 40 Heart Rates via a single iPad device and your devices bluetooth connection. See the app in action in the video below.

3. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitors

To make use of the Polar Team App, you’ll need an iPad and a Polar H7 heart rate sensor for each player. These special heart rate monitors are not only more affordable than traditional units, but far more powerful when connected to a smart device. I highly recommend grabbing the sensors via the Polar Shop Website, who are shipping these worldwide to PE Teachers at the cheapest prices. My school was lucky enough to buy a 10 pack, but they are also available in packs of 20 and 30.

1 (1)

So what would you do if you could live track your students Heart Rate? Leave a comment below to go into the draw for a Polar H7 heart rate sensor. I look forward to reading your responses.


iPads in PE Workshop Tours

I’m extremely excited to be announcing a series of upcoming workshop tours throughout the globe in 2014. The workshops will focus on the use of mobile devices such as the iPad and iPod and the capacity these have for transformation within the PE classroom. All attendees will be required to bring along a mobile device and will be informed of the necessary apps prior to the workshop commencing.  Attendees are guaranteed to walk away with best practice actionable ideas for immediate classroom use. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to put their new skills into action with a complete hands on focus.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.59.04

Locations and dates for the upcoming workshops can be found below. Simply click the links to secure your place. Act now as places are filling up fast. You can register/pay immediately via PayPal or Credit Card, or alternatively press the ‘other payment options’ button and request “Pay Offline’ which will book your spot and request an invoice. This confirms your place, and I will process an invoice direct to your school

Auckland, New Zealand – Tuesday 8th of April 

Wellington , New Zealand – Wednesday 16th of April

Singapore – Saturday 26th of April

Sydney, Australia – Saturday the 2nd of August

Perth, Australia – Monday the 25th of August

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Monday & Tuesday  22nd/23rd of September

Cramlington, United Kingdom – Monday & Tuesday 29th/30th of September