Emerging Technology & Physical Education Webinar

I’m super excited to announce that after the major success of my first online webinar, I’m back to do it all again.  The presentation entitled ‘It’s Now Possible – Emerging Technology & Physical Education“ will explore the technologies which have made the once impossible, possible within the Physical Education classroom. The focus of the webinar is on providing a snapshot and case study look at the incredible innovation taking place within PE Classrooms around the globe.

Those in attendance will.

  1. Learn the why behind technology integration in Physical Education.
  2. Explore mobile learning in PE and why my classes have benefited
  3. Take a look at game changing mobile applications that make the once impossible possible and maximise your efficiency
  4. Powerful web based resources
  5. Must have gadgets and accessories for the PE, Sports Science classroom
  6. Hear success stories from around the globe
  7. Plus Much Much More..

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. With the maximum number of participants only 25, your in with a great chance of taking something home.

What do I need to participate in a Webinar?

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Headphones or Sound from your laptop
  • A willingness to learn

Join us from the comfort of your own home wherever you are

Check your timezone here

Secure your tickets online below or by visiting the following page

Turn Your Students Activity Into a REAL Travel Experience

Earlier this year I blogged about a new website I had just finished working on, known as ‘Active Globe‘. Well I’m excited to say that Active Globe has grown to well over 10,000  online  users who together have ran/cycled and walked there way around the world TWICE.

So what does Active Globe actually do? Quite simply it allows you to turn your students Physical Activity into a real world travel experience, taking you around the globe to achieve your fitness goals. See it in action below;

When you or your students participate in Active Globe you join other schools all over the world that are working to increase their students’ fitness. You will be able to track your school’s progress and compare its ranking to other schools throughout the world. This adds yet another fun and competitive element to the program that will motivate your students even more.  Your class also works together to complete an agreed class goal, while individual students also work to complete their own distance based goals.


Active Globe also rewards your students Physical Activity automatically with badges and certificates that become more difficult as their fitness grows. Students and Teachers are automatically sent the certificates when they are achieved, so they can simply print them out and present them.


You can even choose to help your students by providing them with a custom pedometer to enable easy capturing of distance based Physical Activity or connect your RunkeeperMoves or FitBit accounts for automatic distance logging.



I built Active Globe to help motivate and improve student physical activity levels within my Year 5 & 6 students, however decided to release it to the masses with the hope that it could could do the same for others. I’m proud to say it’s doing exactly that while also being shortlisted in the Australian Mobile App Awards for 2014. 


If your interested in getting started, you can sign up now for a FREE individual account or visit www.activeglobe.net/sign-up to register your school or community group.

Leave a comment below saying how you would use Active Globe at your school and i’ll pick one winner to receive access for their whole class.


The PE Geek Android & Google Chrome Apps

In recent months The PE Geek blog has undergone a complete rebuild & redesign. It now uses a larger and more cleaner user interface that makes the content even easier to access and read.  This is just the start of an enormous amount of new actionable content coming to the Blog in the coming months.

In conjunction with the website rebuild, I also launched a brand new build of The PE Geek iPhone/iPad App which has already been downloaded thousands of times. With the success of these two rebuilds in mind I thought it was time to update the Android & Google Chrome Apps to match.

placeit (3)

Well, I’m excited to say that these are now ready for FREE download via the links below;




The Google Chrome extension works in the browser to “Automagically” alert you to new content from the Blog, Podcast & YouTube Channel. You can see it in action here.

Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on the new website look and app designs, and I’ll pick a winner to receive a FREE PE Geek Membership. (Drawn at the end of July 2014)

EP13 – Videos, 4D Anatomy, Yoga & More

In this episode of The PE Geek Podcast we explore a random assortment of apps I’m enjoying in my PE Classes. From useful utility apps such as Simple Transfer to great instructional apps like ‘Yoga Studio. We also discuss the new FREE 3-Part Video eCourse shaped around the #pegeeks workshops

Press Play below to listen or visit the podcast page here

Learn how to subscribe to a Podcast in the video tutorial here, or get your Tech & PE question answered by dropping me a Voicemail at www.thepegeek.com/voicemail . You can also download The PE Geek app to stay connected to the latest episodes while on the go.

iPads, Video & Physical Education eCourse

Over the last few weeks I have been busy writing and recording content for a number of new training packages, the first of which is now ready and accessible. The iPads, Video & Physical Education is a a culmination of the best content from The PE Geek Workshop’s which have been conducted in well over 20 countries around the planet.

The eCourse now makes it possible for those unable to attend the workshops to access training material while also providing opportunities for those who have attended the workshops to review training as needed. Featuring over 15 Individual Training Videos and 90 Minutes of Exclusive PE Geek Content, these step-by-step videos are bound to prove useful.




The eCourse is currently available at a launch discount price of 50%, so act quick to grab your spot. Pay online for immediate access or request an Invoice to your School or Organisation.



Want to preview the course? Then join the FREE 3-Part Video Course here. Are you a PE Geek Member? If so you get an even better discount of 75% on this eCourse.

Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 33

Simple Transfer Pro

I often get asked during #pegeeks workshops for a quick and easy way to get photos and videos from the iPad/iPod to a computer form easy storage. While I’m a major user of cloud based storage solutions like Dropbox/Google Drive they can often be quite slow when transferring larger files.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.59.07 pm

With this in mind I absolutely love the Simple Transfer Pro app which easily lets you copy photos and videos  between devices that share the same wireless network. This makes it possible to transfer large video files from your students iPad to your computer; or to another student or teachers device in seconds. An absolute must have.

Easy First Aid

Easy First Aid is exactly that; A super easy way to track and record First Aid incidents and injuries. This FREE app came to me after dealing with an injury during a practical PE session.  With Easy First Aid you can quickly capture vital First Aid Information including time of incident, assessment, treatment and referral details. You can even attach Photo & Video evidence to support your Incident direct from your Camera roll or Dropbox Filter and Communicate First Aid Incident Reports via Email & Dropbox. Check it out in the video below;


Another powerful quantitative self app; designed to track your daily efforts to meet 30 minutes of Physical Activity. All you need to do is place your device in your pocket and get moving.Walk. Run. Dance. Bike. Everything counts. Human automatically picks up your walks, runs, bike rides and other exercise of one minute and longer.

Motion Rugby

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.05.14 pm






The number of active gaming apps on the store is certainly growing. Motion Rugby is simple. Hordes of angry Enemy Rugby Players are coming to get you! Can you evade their tackles by actually weaving left and right to survive all 40 Levels and score Maximum Points?  Lots of fun.

Check out the other top app lists here – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4Part 5 – Part 6 - Part 7 Part 8 - Part 9 – Part 10  – Part 11 - Part 12 – Part 13 – Part 14  - Part 15  -Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 - Part 22 Part 23 – Part 24 –Part 25 – Part 26  - 27 – 28 29 - 30 or grab the PE Apps App for a great one stop collection of the best PE apps.


Technology & Physical Education

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