Practical Coaching Activity


Prepare a coaching session for a junior Physical Education or
Sport Education class at your school. You may be able to choose a sport you are familiar with but the activity may be dictated by the junior PE & Sport programs and timetables in place. Consider carefully the coaching style that best suits you, the sport and the age and skill of the students. In your planning, consider also the skills needed by a successful coach and how you will demonstrate these skills.



Student Involvement:
Comment on the success of the session in terms of :

a. student participation
b. skill development
c. student motivation and enthusiasm

Coaching Style:

a. Which coaching style best describes you? ( authoritarian / co-operative / casual / democratic )
b. How did the students respond to your coaching style?
c. What modifications to your style could you have made to improve the student response?

Coaching Skills:

a. Rate yourself out of 10 for the following coaching skills:
____knowledge ____organisation ____leadership
____enthusiasm ____ability to motivate ____communication
____use of feedback ____discipline ____catering for individual needs
____risk management
b. What coaching skills do you think are your strengths and why?
c. What did you find most difficult about delivering the coaching session?
ie : What coaching skills do you think needed improvement and why?

Session Evaluation:

a. Discuss the overall success of the coaching session.
a. What modifications would you make if you were to deliver a second session to this group ? Discuss.

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