Collaborative Video Highlights

Imagine watching Sport and being able to capture epic moments that have already passed to a video highlight package…automatically.

Yep, thats right…..See it first, then save it

Well this is now entirely possible with just the press of a button inside an amazing FREE app know as Sporfie. Sporfie captures the highlights you want to keep AFTER you’ve watched them live.

How does that work……

Check out the video below to see it in action

With the Sporfie app you can have just one smartphone camera filming the action, anyone who joins can enjoy the game without having to film and still save their own personal highlights instantly.

Have more additional smartphone cameras on hand? Then they can connect to your event to provide additional camera angles. One click inside the Sporfie app then sends multiple clips directly to your device, allowing you to replay the moments you want from all available angles.

So how does it actually work?
1. JOIN: Open Sporfie and choose your event (via location or search) to connect automatically to any camera(s) already filming the game. 

Don’t see an event? Create your own and set up your smartphone as a shared camera, allowing others nearby to join in. 

2. CLICK: Tap the Sporfie button anytime during the game and the past 15 seconds will be sent to your device from all active cameras. Then replay, share and repeat!

3. SHARE: Instantly share your clips as they happen. With direct integration to leading social platforms, your saved moments can be enjoyed by your friends & family before the crowd stops cheering. 

Or, share highlights from the entire event all at once. As you return home from the game, you will receive all of your saved moments in one highlight reel compiled by Sporfie. (See an example highlight video automatically made below)

How we used it in the above workshop

  1. Two Invasion games were running concurrently inside of the indoor basketball court.
  2. One person was a designated recorder whom was using the Sporfie app to capture highlights/cool moments from either game
  3. As they saw something epic happen, they simply pressed the Sporfie button and the last 15 seconds of action were instantly saved.
  4. They continued doing this across the game play duration and on completion the app got to work to make the video above.

What we could of done

  1. Added in more cameras to capture multiple angles
  2. Used a tripod setup to have cameras in specific locations

So how could you use Sporfie to capture just the highlights?

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