200+ PE Games in the Palm of Your Hand

After a few months of work behind the scenes, we’ve just dropped the latest update to the classic PE Games mobile app.

PE Games is the premier app for PE Teachers on the app store, containing over 200 games in a variety of categories designed to help you fill your classes with movement. Inside the app you’ll find a selection of games and activities from the following categories;

1. Chasing Games
2. Cooperative Games
3. Relay Games
4. Reaction Games
5. Major Games
6. General Games
7. Group Games
8. Forming Groups

Each game includes the instructions, equipment and everything you need to play the game. You’ll also find that we’re working our way through the creation of Video Explainers to accompany each game like the one below;


As you browse through hundreds of games and activities, you can save these to your ‘Lesson Plan’ for a quick overview glance of the activities you intend to use in your session.

Watch a full tour of the PE Games app below;

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/2OE7p3eghl8″ /]

You can download the app for iOS & Android devices via the links below
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