World’s Largest Group Games & Activities Database

Fun group activities are one of the most powerful (and attractive) ways to help people connect. And the research shows that building strong, positive & healthy relationships will absolutely amplify the results of whatever your group is trying to get done.

So if you’re looking for dozens of sure-fire, high-energy, interactive, leave-them-wanting-more activities, then you’ll want to download the FREE playmeo mobile application. The app is brought to you by Mark Collard, whom we previously interviewed on the PE Geek podcast( which you can listen to below)

In short, this app will help you find the perfect group activity to quickly engage your group & have fun. Combine this with the fact that playmeo is the home of the largest online database of group games & activities in the world and you’ll realise you have everything you need to invite small & large groups of people to play, interact, share, trust & learn.

Inside the app you’ll find immediate access to dozens of:

• Ice-breakers & Get-To-Know-You Games

• Energisers & Brain Breaks

• Tag & PE Games

• Trust & Empathy Exercises

• Team-Building Activities & Puzzles

• Fun Large Group Games

Best of all other new group activities are added regularly, all free, forever! In addition to this the playmeo app includes

• Step-by-Step Instructions

• Video Tutorials

• Dozens of Variations

• Watch episodes of the Facilitator Tips video tutorial series

• Learn valuable leadership skills

• Share your own own group activity ideas

Ideal for classroom & PE teachers, experiential educators, corporate trainers & camp leaders.

All of the activities featured in this app work because people love ‘em. They are universally appealing & require few, if any, props to play. All you have to do is gather your group, open the app & play.

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