The Ultimate Human Heart Expedition in Augmented Reality

With the launch of iOS 11 today, Apple has instantly turned hundreds of millions of iPhones into augmented reality-capable devices thanks to the support of a new developer toolset called ARKit. With this technology, iOS developers can easily craft AR experiences for users on compatible iPhones and iPads, using each device’s built-in cameras, processors, and motion sensors. This is nothing short of game changing & we spoke about its implications in a recent episode of The PE Geek Podcast.

As for now, the first wave of these apps are available for you to download and test on the iOS 11 App Store. As you can imagine we instantly downloaded all of the apps we could find & began exploring these. While my intention was to wait until we had a collection of apps, this Anatomy experience was so incredible I couldn’t pass up sharing it.

Insight Heart

Using INSIGHT HEART users can easily scan their physical surroundings and place the three-dimensional heart without the need of predefined markers. The virtual assistant ANI will guide you through various states of the heart as you walk around the real world interacting

Explore the human heart like never before. Rotate and scale the high-resolution heart floating in front of you and feast your eyes on highly detailed 4k textures. Notice how the hearts surface adapts to your surrounding lighting environment. Trigger impressive visualizations of various conditions, such as normal heart rate, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation. Some of these conditions could never be experienced live!

See it in action in the video demonstration below:

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