Future Tech to Watch Out For Webinar

As part of the ConnectedPE Online Conference I presented a session on the Future of Technologies and how they WILL impact education in the next 3-10 years & beyond. A big emphasis on the session sharing observable trends & mapping these to existing opportunties that teachers can leverage in their classroom practice today.

This session is best suited for non beginners & will challenge you to think & make connections with your current & future practice. If you have any interest in technologies, where they’re headed & the implications this has for us, then this session is for you.

Topics covered during the session include;

  • Lessons from the Past
  • Exponential Growth & what it means for Education
  • 7  Disruptive technologies in Education
    1. Cloud Computing
    2. Augmented Reality
    3. Virtual Reality
    4. Drones & Robotics
    5. Sensors & Smart Devices
    6. Artificial Intelligence
    7. 3D Printing

Certificate of Completion

If you would like to be credited for a certificate of completion for your professional development record then simply enter you email address when prompted on the video and ensure you watch the entire session. The certificate will be emailed to you.




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