Lesson Planning for Technology Use in PE

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of teachers in workshops across 30+ countries giving me a great insight into the challenges PhysEd teachers face and the common situations that lead to purposeful use of technology in PE. This has led to a number of observations about why some schools go on from the workshops to be more successful than others.

One of the biggest indicators in a successful rollout of emerging technologies, is the use of purposeful planning. This can take many forms, however, always leads teachers down the right path needed to ensure they truly consider the ‘WHY‘ behind their use.

With all of my experiences and observations in mind, I’ve pieced together a lesson planning template which I use when working directly with schools. This template helps teachers to consider the reasoning behind the technology usage in their PE Practice leading to a more thoughtful implementation.

As you can see from the video, the lesson planning document takes into consideration many of the elements that need to be considered when planning any lesson. It also seeks to remain as generic as possible by avoiding specific state or country curriculum terminologies.

Download the lesson planning template below

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