Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 44


SingSong Yoga

I’m a big fan of exposing students to a wide variety of physical activity opportunities and have never shied away from including activities that I personally have no expertise in teaching. With this in mind, I always look out for resources, which I can use to outsource the technical teaching to, making it possible for me to provide a great experience for my students by harnessing someone else’s expertise.  SingSong Yoga enables me to do exactly that with a beautifully produced HD Video program that  enables users to chose individual poses or choose a PreProgrammed Sing Song Yoga Sequence by simply dragging them to the Sequence Canvas. These then play as a seamless video. Such a great way to introduce younger students to the amazing benefits of Yoga.

Overcast: Podcast Player

Recently I posted about 5 Podcasts you need to be listening to and proceeded to get a collection of emails from teachers asking what podcast app I listen to them on. The answer to that question is Overcast.

Overcast is an amazing free podcast player with a swag of features that make your listening experience a true pleasure. The app far exceeds the native podcasting app that Apple provides.

Ropeworks Jump Rope

Recommended to me by an amazing ConnectedPE Community member, Ropeworks is designed to help students learn to Jump Rope/Skipping activities with the Pros at Ropeworks. It includes a collection of pre-made routines that students can watch, learn and complete. A great companion app to the Jump It series.


Have an app that I should share on the next top apps for PE Teachers series? Then leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look. Check out the other top app lists here.

3 thoughts on “Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 44”

  1. Hi! I share your same philosophy that I want my students to experience a wide variety of activities. It pushes me as a teacher to learn new things in order to be able to TEACH them new things! Apps are great. I can’t wait to try out your recommendations, especially the Ropeworks program. I teach high school students and they are absolutely amazed that I can get the rope around twice before landing back on the ground. =) It would be super fun for them to make up their own routines and the app seems to be the perfect tool to assist them in their exploration of tricks and skills. Thanks!

    I also love the TABATA PRO app. It’s free and I use it almost daily. It’s basically an interval timer that play music. You can link it up to your playlist on your phone or ipad (my fav feature) and adjust the number of rounds, the length of the work time and rest time. So when I set up stations I can turn on the app and the students know to “work” when the music’s playing and rest or rotate to the next station when the music is off or lowered. I also use it for actual “tabata” workouts (there are a lot of good ones on Pinterest!”) and running intervals on the track to cue the kids to run or walk. Have fun playing with it!

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