Jump Around The World

Earlier this year my year 5 students were involved in a skipping/jump rope unit which involved them developing various skills as individuals and partners, with the eventual conclusion being a student developed routine.

To assist the process of students developing new skills, I decided to setup and run a ‘Jump Around The World’ activity, with a sole focus on building student jump rope skills.  In this activity, each student is issued a ‘passport‘ which they carry around in the activity outlined below.

Step 1

Give each student an individual skipping rope & a one PDF Passport

Step 2

Print out copies of the Jump It PDF eBook. Alternatively, you could project the Jump It Apps directly to a large screen so that the entire group can share.

Step 3

Gather 25 cones or spot markers and place them around the gymnasium or teaching space. You then need to place one ‘Jump It’ activity printed from the PDF eBook at each of the stations.

Step 4

Set the student’s lose and have them race to visit each country (station) and complete the specific jump rope skill that can be found at that station.

Step 5

Once they’ve completed/attempted the activity, they cross that ‘country’ (activity) of the list with a stamp or marker and repeat the process at a new location until all students have visited each country or the time runs out.


If your students have their own devices you can have them use a digital passport option using the link below

Digital Passport


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