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Back in 2013, I launched a membership section of The PE Geek website as a way of combining the best & exclusive content for all. This went on to exceed my wildest expectations and quickly we reached our member capacity.

However in late July, I had to make the hard decision to close doors on accepting new members. Immediately, we received emails from disappointed people, who had planned to join. I HATED this. 

So I immediately began working on a brand new solution. One that would not have a fixed capacity. One that could be accessed by everyone, everywhere with no end date. One that was focused on providing high-level Physical Education training, in all area’s of PE. Not just in the technology space.

So after almost 5 months of solid behind the scenes work. I’m pleased to introduce something very new.

ConnectedPE is a training community which focuses on personalised coaching, discussion and professional development for ALL areas of Physical Education. Not just Tech & PE. We connect you with FREE training from leaders in the PE field. With new content added all the time.

All ConnectedPE training modules & webinars also come with personalised certificates, useful for your professional development records.

We’re so excited to let you all in that we’ve included a collection of bonuses for those that act quick.

Bonus #1 – Attend a PE Geek Workshop for FREE

Yep, you heard that right. Sign up for the community with the annual plan and you can attend any of the PE Geek Workshops running anywhere on earth for FREE. Considering our workshops are priced at $250 per ticket, this is a no-brainer.  See the list of upcoming workshops in 2016 here. Plenty more to come.

Bonus #2 – Lock in access at a never to be repeated price point.

They say the early bird gets the worm. Become a member today, and you’ll lock in access at the current price. This insulates you against any price rises as long as you stay part of the community.

Bonus #3 – FREE 15 Minute One-on-One Consultation

Lock in annual membership during November and receive a personal one-on-one 15-minute consultation with me.


Join ConnectedPE 

We have massive things planned for the community aimed at revolutionising how professional development is accessed & completed. You don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity

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