Fitness Bingo Fun

Over the past 6 years of teaching,  I have observed how my students are inspired by the unknown. The element of surprise that comes from a randomly drawn task. This observation led me to begin using the app “Classroom Roulette‘  which has gone on to become a hit amongst Phys Ed Teachers across the Globe. 

However more recently, I’ve taken the app to a whole new level by pairing it with the classic game of ‘Bingo’. Watch the video or follow the steps below to see how it works

Step 1

Visit the website and create a bingo card that contains a list of fitness activities, movements and actions that can be completed without equipment.  Once completed you can print these for your students or direct them to the link that Bingo Baker provides. See an example fitness bingo card here

Step 2

Create a Spinner wheel using the ‘Classroom Roulette‘ app that contains the same list of activities you included in the Bingo card. Watch the video above to see exactly how you can use the app ‘Classroom Roulett” in the instructional video below

Step 3

Once your students have downloaded their customised bingo board, its time to get active by spinning the spinner you built inside ‘Classroom Roulette‘. As activities appear on the screen, the students participate in that activity and then cross off the matching square on their bingo cards.

Repeat with the second spin…

Continuing the process until a student wins the game of Fitness Bingo, by crossing off a complete row of fitness activities as shown below.

Screenshot 2015-09-18 19.29.12

Each and every time I’ve completed the Fitness Bingo Warm Up, it’s been incredibly well received by students with high levels of engagement from all involved. We’ve often continued the game after the winner has been announced given the enormous energy levels flowing from the group.

So how could you use a bingo competition to get your students moving? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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