The PE Geek TV

I’m super excited to finally announce a project I’ve been working on for quite some time – my brand new podcast ‘The PE Geek TV‘.

The PE Geek TV is my first video based podcast, featuring interviews, tutorials, reviews, tours and much more. Ultimately, enabling you to step inside the world of Physical Education & Technology with a new fortnightly episode.

Episode 1

In  the first episode of The PE Geek TV, I take you on a tour of my gymnasium and talk about the incredible possibilities that a large screen display brings to a PE practical classroom. In the video I explore 10 ways you can use a large screen display in your PE Classes. I also go behind the setup at my school and the various ways I’ve used it to enhance my teaching and my students learning.

Press Play below to watch the episode or visit the podcast page. You can also subscribe to the podcast via the podcasts app on your device to have all new episodes automatically downloaded to your device.


Learn how to subscribe to a Podcast in the video tutorial here, or get your Tech & PE question answered by dropping me a Voicemail here .

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