Jump, Jump, Jump

Every now and then an app comes along which takes our pre conceived ideas about whats possible, and throws them on its head. This is exactly what’s happened with the app ‘My Jump‘, which is the first app scientifically developed to measure your vertical jump height.  Considering most PE Teachers conduct some sort of fitness assessment that usually includes vertical jump tests, then this app comes highly recommended.

In my school, our vertical jumps we’re previously conducted with students holding a piece of chalk and jumping whilst simultaneously marking a place on the wall. This method, while easy to conduct, was not very accurate. The next progression for us was to purchase a sliding vertical jump plate attached to a wall, which massively increased our accuracy, but impacted our PE budget.

Then along comes the My Jump App. My Jump smashes all pre conceived ideas by calculating your jump height using the camera on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. See it in action in the video below;

As you can see, My Jump was specially designed to take advance of the 120-240fps camera on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This ultimately means that all you need to do is record a jump, select it’s take off and landing points and then let the scientifically proven, My Jump algorithm do its magic. My Jump also calculates the flight time and the power of your jump, ultimately becoming a game changing & precise way to measure your vertical jumps direct in your  hand!

Do yourself a favour and download this app. It’s mind blowing incredible.

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