Kahoot & Physical Education

If you’re unfamiliar with Kahoot then you’re up for a real treat. This incredible web app not only works on any device without you needing to install or download any software, but its 100% FREE. Kahoot prides itself on being like a “Playstation for education”, a complete game-based educational platform that if my students are anything to go by will be begging for more. It also ties in a new approach to subject specific and formative assessment – through quizzing, collaboration and presentation of content.

See how it all works in the video below

How have I used it?

– Revision for Senior Physical Education Classes

– Formative assessment for students exploring physiology & anatomy concepts

– Pre content quizzes to gain an understanding of prior student knowledge

– Sport specific quizzes on completion of introductory practical classes

–  Lesson based Hooks for engagement on completion of lesson objectives

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