Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 38

Athla Velocity

Occasionally apps come along that BLOW me away. Introducing Velocity by Athla – the world’s first, truly hands-free, professional grade speed radar app for sports. ust place your device, play, and speeds appear. Two years of research and development has made Velocity into the equivalent of a $1,200 sports performance radar that is accurate to within +/- 0.7 mph of the Stalker Pro II is used by over 30 professional teams.

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The hands free operation couldn’t be simpler
1. Just place your iPhone or iPad about 20 feet away and 20 feet to the side and simply kick, pitch or serve in-line and in-view of your device.

2. The speed of your baseball pitch, soccer kick, cricket bowl, or tennis serve appears on the surface of your device.

A mind blowing tool that has a myriad of use cases in a PE classrooms and coaching situations. I’m personally looking forward to using it to explore biomechanical principles with my senior PE class this year.


Fitness Testing & Results

A fantastic little app designed by a PE Teachers for PE Teachers. The app makes it super easy to record the results for various fitness tests. Not only does it help you with the correct procedures for conducting the tests, but allows you to group them by fitness component.

Once you conduct the test, your results are colour coded and graphed for an easy to interpret overview of your fitness. These results can then be easily exported to email, Dropbox or Google Drive. The Fitness Testing & Results App is the ultimate tool for your fitness testing needs. Go check it out.


Learn Hip Hop Dance

Learn from the largest video library of popular dance moves in the app store, all shot in stunning HD! If you have ever wanted to teach your students to rock it like a hip hop dancer, this is the app for you!

Each high-quality video lesson is hosted by Brice “Professor Lock” Johnson, who has appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance” and also founded DanceTouch Collective, a group that teaches dance and tours the United States. With lessons on today’s hottest dance moves and old school favorites, the Professor will indubitably put the funk in your students step. As a Hip Hop fan, I’m certainly looking forward to introducing this to our dance unit this year.

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