The Ultimate Sports Carnival Event Tool

Do you organize sports carnivals? Swimming or Athletic events? If so then you’re going to LOVE my upcoming web based software ‘Sports Tracker’.

Whats Sports Tracker?

This is something I’ve wanted to build for a long time, and Its also something many of you have asked for. So the time is right to bring it to life.

Sports Tracker is a modern tool for todays mobile connected world, that enables you to easily setup and organize sports events for your school or district. Sports Tracker will revolutionise how you setup & co-ordinate your Track & Field, Swimming or Cross Country Events.

Sports Tracker is your complete end to end event solution dealing with everything from student event registration to overall carnival result communication.

Once a School sets up an event they receive a unique event code. This code is used for registrations, event result entry and for providing live result access to parents and others via the mobile app and websites.

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Sports Tracker is 100% built for the web. This ultimately means that you can work from any device you like to setup and run your carnival.

Best of all our cloud based application means there’s no more complicated apps to install or updates to apply. You’re always up to date and ready for action!Alleviate setup time by enabling students to easily register for the events they wish to participate in via their own devices. They receive an email with their registrations and the organizers receive beautiful marshalling sheets complete with school logo. Alternatively ditch the paper sheets and go digital.

Results can be entered live into Sports Tracker direct from the event or via a central device. Instantly calculate champion teams, houses and individuals with Sports Tracker (see above image). This can even be communicated throughout the day via the mobile app event feed or switch it off to keep it secret.

See a video demonstration of Sports Tracker below or by clicking here

Pre-Sales Open Now

Sports Tracker is now open for pre-orders, giving you the opportunity to share feature ideas and get this at a NEVER to be repeated price point.

For $250 you can secure Sports Tracker for your School for carnivals with unlimited number of students – FOR LIFE. For $100 you can create sports events for up to 250 students

Given that Sports Tracker will be launch in early February and be priced on a recurring yearly pricing. This represents a massive saving that your school will appreciate you for.

I’m making Sports Tracker so good that every School on earth is going to want use it; with this in mind you may as well secure it now, while the offer exists 🙂a3767643-118f-48fe-b0e0-857a1c64487c

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sports Carnival Event Tool”

  1. We hold our aths carnival off campus where we can’t get wifi. What would be the best method to get around this if we were to purchase this product? We do our carnival tabloid style and have 7 events going at a time with the 8th rotation being a rest.

  2. Hey Tim; At this stage it requires an online connection in order to complete the carnival. Once launched we will look at producing an offline mode. Would love your school to be part of how this could work

  3. Could it operate off personal hotspots off someone’s phone? Thinking that maybe you only linked to hot spot for 5 minutes every 45 (we rotate every 45 minutes in our carnival) and it updated all the scores for the live feed etc.

    Just trying to find methods to get around the lack of wifi as that would be our only major stumbling block.

  4. HI; it certainly could operate from a personal hotspot. To be honest it actually uses minimal data, you could easily just run it all day. Also the website will work from any device, so rather than connecting to a personal hotspot you can simply use the iPhone or iPad to do all of what the laptop would do

  5. Hi Wendy; Unfortunately I would love to get it out sooner than that, however this will be as long as I need to make it 100% ready. I really hope you can jump in and be part of something special 🙂

  6. Awesome. This seems like a very convenient way to sign up for and plan for events. You hit a need and made a product that is easily accessible to others. Sports Tracker is a great tool to stay organized, and my favorite part is that it leaves no papers behind to lose.

  7. Next query – Could you enter an entire grade of boys in an event and leave those that don’t participate blank? It would save the hassle of entering students and students changing their minds on the day about competing in a specific event/division (we have 2 divisions is each event). It would therefore just be up to organising teacher to assign correct grade/gennder to appropriate event.

  8. Really looking forward to using this next year. Loving the idea that my captains will be uploading all their students in events, saving the PE teachers numerous hours of administration time.

  9. Hey mate; glad you can be part of it. Really excited to get this out to schools and change the game for the way carnivals are run

  10. Hey Jarrod, looks like a great system that our school could use but have a few questions. Is there any ongoing yearly fee? Also we run 3 separate carnivals for both primary and secondary, does that mean we would need to pay $100 for each set up which would total $600 on top of the $250? Thanks

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