Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 36

Superhero Workout

Another incredible gamified exercise experience from the creators or Zombies, Run & The Walk.  This time you’re the pilot of the prototype AEGIS One battle suit, tasked with defending Earth against alien invaders. Your punches become plasma blasts and your abdominal crunches power your suit’s reactor!

I recently tested this out with my Year 5/6 students during our session warm ups. This involved one iPad tracking the repetitions of one student, while the rest of the students followed along with the story progressing on our big screen. Me and my colleague then focused on rotating students through the tracking role, while providing motivation and encouragement to the others.

Overall this worked incredibly well, and got our students warmed up and ready for the PE session. Check it out in the video here

SuperHero Workout The PE Geek


Video Tagger

A high end video tagging iPad app that enables you to bookmark (or tag) segments of interest in your videos. These segments (edits) can later be filtered and sorted to play back on the fly or be made into a video that can be distributed to interested people online or saved to your iPad camera roll. While my own Video Tagger App is useful for simple tagging tasks, this app takes it to the elite level.


Ideal for advance video analysis for any sport, musical performance, play or just to compiling favourite bits of your home videos. The best part about the tagging is the ability to tag multiple data sets to each tag. Such as player name, skill and outcome of that skill as shown by the right panel of the image above.  Video Tagger comes highly recommended and is a great extension on the features included in my own Video Tagger App.


A super powerful rubric creation app created by a Teacher in Australia. Assessmate makes it easy to create criteria based rubrics in a matter of minutes. These rubrics can be created in Excel and imported in the app via Google Drive. Once your classes have been setup you can begin assessing all students via an intuitive slider tool. Once completed you can email a spreadsheet of results to yourself or store them on the app for retrieval later. See the app in action in the video demo below or here. You can also download a sample PE rubric for import here

GameFit Racing

Interactive exercise gaming is certainly a growing area, and GameFit Racing is evidence of how much fun it can be. A totally new and fun way to work out! Essentially his 3D racing game tracks your movement on a treadmill or exercise bike, the harder you exercise, the faster your vehicles go! A brilliant way to ramp up the engagement of some of the mundane fitness bases tasks.

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