A Game Changing Video Analysis Tool for Schools

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you details regarding my Vidalyze software. This is without a doubt the best product I have ever developed by an absolute million miles and it’s now ready for you to use in your school.

So what is Vidalyze?

Vidalyze is a game changing Video Analysis Tool designed exclusively for Schools. Vidalyze makes video analysis a realistic and scalable experience dealing with user management, video storage, teacher feedback and the assessment process.

Vidalyze is different to other video analysis products in that it works 100% inside of your browser. This ultimately means that you and your students can use Vidalyze on any device with an internet connection enabling you to tap into the devices your students already have.


Once schools sign up for Vidalyze they can immediately get to work on creating student and teacher logins, setting up classes and ultimately assigning people to these classes. See the user management in action in the video below.

  Once created inside the Vidalyze portal, users are automatically sent login details providing them with access to login and get analyzing.  On login users can start by connecting their Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts to access and store video files. These are then imported into the users video library. Vidalyze also enables users to import any video format they like as these will be converted to MP4 format for use in the analysis tool. See this in action below.

Now videos are loaded, its time to get analyzing. This is the crown jewel of Vidalyze enabling users to annotate over videos, measure angles, complete side by side comparisons, produce screen recordings & much much more. See the full set of analysis tools in the video below.

With Vidalyze now launched, its time to get your school on board the most game changing video analysis tool in existence.  A one-of-a-kind tool that over 100 schools have already signed up to. To register visit www.vidalyze.com and sign up for a ‘Schools’ Package.

Vidalyze is normally priced at $1 per student per year, however if you take up the opportunity to register your school by the end of November, you will receive lifetime access for one price. A massive saving to your school.

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