EP14 – Enriching My Sports Education Unit with Technology

This semester I’m teaching a Year 5/6 Sports Unit in a  team taught combined class of almost 50 students.  The class runs once per week in a 90 minute block, as separate to the Physical Education class the same group of students also have.

With all of these factors in mind, me and my colleague have decided to apply the Sports Education Pedagogy to the unit, with the aim of providing a more student centred environment where students become champions of their own learning outcomes.

These values have been sought through team affiliation, festivity, responsibility, formal competition, competitiveness, reward and fun. To achieve this, we challenged students to take on various essential roles & responsibilities.  These roles can vary depending on a school’s resources, however in our case included things such as umpiring, coaching, timekeeping, scoring, media teams, statisticians and much much more.

Ultimately, the Sport Education model is implemented to engage students in physical education in a way that promotes the learning of skills that can be transferred into life, sport and an appreciation for physical activity. While the incorporation of emerging technologies in this environment leads to an abundance of opportunities for enriched experiences.

As this was the first time many of our students had been involved in this approach, I developed the following video to help introduce the concept.

In the 14th episode of The PE Geek Podcast below, I explore how we structured and setup the Sports Education unit to maximise student participation & engagement. You can listen to the episode below or by clicking here or download a full transcript here

Finally to assist teachers in getting started with introducing a SEPEP style unit into their classrooms, I’ve developed an extensive 15 Part Video eCourse series that guides you through everything you need to know to make it happen in your classroom.

As well as highly actionable video tutorials surrounding powerful and accessible technology to enhance the unit, the eCourse includes a downloadable collection of extensive resources such as

– Downloadable Team Sheets & Folders for Organisation of Teams
– Easily Modifiable Student Fair Play Agreement
– Sports Education Points Document
– Clear Role and Responsibility outlines for Students and Teachers
– Scoresheet PDFs and LIVE ladder Spreadsheets

The eCourse is available for FREE for Elite Members, however if your not a member you can instantly access the eCourse via the link below; It’s 50% off so act quick to secure the special launch price.


If you belong to a school, organization or other team of people then feel free to ask for an invoice. Simply contact me to find out more.

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