EP10 – Downloading, Stretching & Sworking Out


In this episode of The PE Geek Podcast we look at a random assortment of websites, tools and must have apps that do everything from help you download videos to your device, and help you work out. This includes the apps Tube Downloader, Stretch It & Swork It Pro. We also focus on the ways you can use the www.physedgames.com website within your lessons.

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4 thoughts on “EP10 – Downloading, Stretching & Sworking Out”

  1. Hello Mr. Robinson
    I am TaMarcus warren, I attent the University of South Alabama. I really like the apps you have created. I think they are awesome. As a future P.E teacher I will be happy to put these apps into usage.

  2. Hello Mr. Robinson,

    Ever since I was about the age of 5, I have been playing various sports and in the 3rd grade I was chosen by the administrators of my elementary school to be apart of the new STEM program. Ever since then, I’ve fallen in love with technology, all the while keeping my love for sports, specifically soccer, alive. So, as you can assume, stumbling upon your apps was inevitable! Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your achievements! I have been watching demos of your applications and soon, I will be getting a few of them on a iPad for the PE department at my current high school to use (hopefully!). Secondly, I would like to use your applications in an upcoming presentation at the second annual Nassau Education Technology (Net.2) Conference this June, where I will be presenting about technology’s presence on the world of Physical Education (PE). I will be presenting research gathered over the past 6 months that provide evidence that PE should be used as a tool of social and communal development. I will then present/demo many of your applications to the audience to complete the presentation and show them how beneficial technology can be — as many of the teachers that will be there work in schools without much technology in the curriculum. I presented last year at the conference about Social Media in schools, and it was an amazing time and I anticipate the same this year!

    Additionally, I wanted to know if you would like to send any videos/extra material that would assist in my presentation.

    I’m available through contact on my twitter handle: @_tierandlovu, however my primary contact is my email address!

    Eagerly awaiting your response and sending thanks in advance.

    Best wishes.

  3. Kelsey Bramlett

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I looked at the apps you included in your blog. I think these apps will be very useful in the future.

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