iPads in PE Workshop in Thailand

I’m excited to share with you the details for the upcoming workshop in Bangkok Thailand, on Sunday the 9th of March at Harrow International School . The single day workshop will focus on technologies and emerging pedagogies which are driving innovation within the contemporary PE and Sports Science classroom.

In particular attendees will focus specifically on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPod and the capacity these have for transformation within the PE classroom. Attendees are guaranteed to walk away with best practice actionable ideas for immediate classroom use. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to put their new skills into action with a complete hands on focus.

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For registration and further information regarding the workshops, simply click the city link below. If you have any questions regarding the workshops, please feel free to leave a comment or contact Jarrod for more information.

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4 thoughts on “iPads in PE Workshop in Thailand”

  1. Hello Coach Robinson, my name is William Taylor, I am a physical education major at the University of South Alabama. This semester I am enrolled in EDM310 and one of our assignments is to post a comment on an assigned teacher’s blog. I was assigned to your blog first and I will be summarizing my visits to my own blog by February 9. Here is a link to my blog: http://taylorwilliamedm310.blogspot.com/. I was very intrigued by your blog post because I believe it’s important for teachers to educate themselves on how to use technology inside of the classroom or gym. I also think it’s cool that you are hosting this seminar and educating instructors about how to appropriately use technology through hands-on experience. I am an iPad owner myself and I have found a ton of apps encouraging and motivating students to be active and healthy. I hope you get a chance to read my blog post and thanks for all of the resources you have provided me.

    William Taylor.

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment. I have a over 10 of my apps available on Android however they barely receive any downloads regardless of the enormous saturation that the devices possess. This makes there development extremely expensive, with no chance of recouping the costs involved in the creation. For your interest one of my apps Easy Portfolio has received well over 100k downloads on iOS, however has just cleared 300 downloads on Android in the same time.

  3. Hi,

    Any chance to video-record the conference and to post it on your website or onYoutube?

  4. Hey mate, I would love to however given the dynamic nature it is impossible. I am currently writing an online course that will be available soon as a middle ground between those who attend a workshop and those who cant

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