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Over the past 6 years of teaching I have observed how my students are inspired by the unknown. The element of surprise that comes from a randomly drawn task. This observation led me to utilize the app ‘Rip Deck’ over the last few years as an occasional randomized warm up activity in my PE Classes.


With this in mind, I decided to develop a mobile application that would make it incredibly easy to randomize anything. Introducing “Spin It” a random exercise & activity generator that brings the fun back to your activities. You can use the app to create your own ‘spinners’ in minutes, allowing you to randomize the results for serendipitous fun. See it in action below;

With Spin It! You can add your own images to the spinner to uniquely identify them amongst their groups. One tap and your ready for a tonne of randomized fun.



Download for iPhone/iPad  

Leave a comment below stating how you would use ‘Spin It’ in your classroom and I will pick 3 winners to get 3 FREE copies of the app for themselves and two friends/colleagues. Happy Spinning!

9 thoughts on “Spin It – The Random Exercise & Activity Generator”

  1. Hey Mr.Robbo, My name is Kristy I am currently in school to become a PE teacher at the University of South Alabama. I love this new app Spin it. I would use this app in my classroom the exact way you used it in your example. I would also use this app to help pick different games for free play. I could let some of my students name out some activities or games and when we earn free time we could use spin it to help decide what game we will play.

  2. Due to space constraints, we face a problem when it rains as we have limited indoor venues for PE. The go-to activity during inclement weather is invariably Fitness & Conditioning. I’ve tried to infuse some element of chance / uncertainty into F&C sessions by getting students to “Pick their fate” with printed exercise cards which gets them a little more excited about things; especially when you pair groups up, and get them to pick an exercise card for the OTHER group. With Spin It!, I can put those cards to rest (they’re getting a bit grubby by now), and I can update the activities without worrying that I am contributing to the death of more trees.

    In addition, since there are separate spinners, there are endless possibilities on how to play this; students could work in pairs (or two groups of students could work together), and each gets to spin one so it’s a “shared decision” on the number of repetitions as well as activity/exercise they are to perform. Alternatively, they could spin one (or both) for the other.

    Lastly, a little values-education could come into it, too; integrity of each participant comes into play when they honour the activity/exercise displayed.

  3. I dare say the kids themselves will love this app. Being all techy these days, they just can’t get away from their devices and it’ll be a smash to be able to work this into part of physical activity to get them to MOVE IT… With this app, I believe i can input the physical aspect into games, games preparation, portions of fitness and conditioning in pre-season or at the start of the academic year to build up their fitness. Kids hate it when we tell them to go round the park or get into groups for a couple of rounds of circuit training. Moreover, having to remember the sequence or the number of repetitions can be quite a hassle and the kids may not take it that seriously.
    Love the “slot machine style” where it’s kinda like a scratch and win which will also create the excitement of the unknown. But most importantly, i believe the element of FUN will be injected into the whole physical activity sequence!

  4. I just played a game using dice and a “game board” made of paper – so old fashioned! This would have taken the place of that game so easily. I also like it as a quick warm up for any fitness activity. I agree with the above comment that this would be perfect for those days when we have our classes moved or shortened.

  5. Hello,

    I am a middle school PE teacher in northern New Jersey. I would love to be able to utilize this app in my class as I am working hard to try and implement more technology into our PE program. I would use this app during warm up games; I usually play “tag” type warm up games before breaking into sport or fitness unit lessons and have those who have been tagged perform a prescribed exercise after they have been tagged. This way, no one is ever “out,” and virtually everyone is either doing cardio or performing exercises. I could use this app to help choose the new exercise before every round, utilizing an element of surprise and also implementing technology as well.

    My question for you is how do you present this app to the class? Are you showing it to them on an iPad or SMARTboard? I usually have learge groups of between 50- 70 in a class and would need to come up with an efficient way of presenting this.

    Thank you,


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