Get Your Students Jumping with Jump It!

As a student I remember how much I enjoyed learning how to use a skipping rope. This enthusiasm was used by our teacher within a group presentation that enabled us to show off our newly learnt Jump Rope Skills with accompanying music. With this in mind I have been incredibly motivated to bring together a Jump Rope Resource that is geared towards the 21st century.

Introducing Jump It, a Task Card Resource for Teachers. Including over 60 hand drawn jump rope activities that progressively build up in difficulty, allowing students to develop their skills in a self paced manner.


Download it for iPhone

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The App is also available as a downloadable PDF eBook for Printing or use in classes without mobile devices. Download it at the following online stores below.




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  1. Hello,

    I am a middle school Physical Education teacher in northern NJ. I would love to start implementing this type of technology into my Physical Education classes, however am finding that access to technology is difficult in the gym. I figured that you may have some insight as to how to best present this to a class and wanted to see what your access to technology is like. Do you have several iPads with which you do these activities or do you utilize one only for your class? Do you ever have a problem with iPads becoming damaged or struck by equipment or are you always in posession of the iPad? We have iPads that I could possibly rent for a period in my school but wanted to check with you and see what you have found to be a success.

    Thank you,


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