Episode 2 – Polar, Portfolios and Possibilties

Episode 2

In the second episode of The PE Geek Podcast we focus on a few tools that are taking PE Classrooms around the world by storm and making the once impossible possible. In particular we look at the Polar H7 Heart Rate monitor as well as the mobile apps VDownload+ and Balance It. Finally we finish with how teachers are tackling the creation of student portfolios with one teacher in particular making tremendous efforts to move the discussion forward


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2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Polar, Portfolios and Possibilties”

  1. Hey Jarrod,

    Just wanted to say that I’m digging the podcast. I’ve been listening to educational podcasts on my commute for the last 6 or so months now and really happy to add yours to the mix. It is so good getting inspiration from them to apply to my lessons. I actually had a pupil turn up with a go-pro the other day (we’re doing some video analysis stuff) but I didn’t realise they had wifi capabilities and an app, so I’ll definitely being utlising that in the near future.
    Keep up good work

  2. Thanks mate for tuning in. Im really enjoying recording them and will be certain to release then weekly/bi weekly. The GoPro is an incredible tool when you think about it. Talk about a video revolution

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