The PE Apps eBook

Given the intense uptake of mobile devices within the PE classroom, this blog has seen an incredible amount of traffic from teachers looking for information relating to the latest mobile apps suitable for the classroom.

With this being said I’m often asked for a list of apps that I recommend teachers get started with. This is difficult as I have spread the apps out within the Top Apps for PE Teachers series, which includes 25 separate posts. So with the goal of making the content just that little bit easier to access, I have pieced together a new eBook called “PE Apps – 100+ Apps for PE Teachers”.


Essentially PE Apps is a simple pocket reference guide for the latest apps useful for the PE, Sport, Coaching & Training. Featuring over 100 Apps for Physical Educators with descriptions and explanations as to how and why they can be included in your practice. This is the definitive reference guide you should certainly take a look at.

Download the book from the following locations


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