Motion Tennis – An Amazing AirPlay App

I’ve blogged extensively about the use of mobile apps within the classroom in recent years and it is no wonder given some of the incredible possibilities they bring to the classroom when utilised with smart teaching and appropriate pedagogy.  Now even though I am incredibly aware of the capabilities of the various mobile devices, occasionally an app comes along that makes me stop dead in my tracks and say “Wow”.

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In this particular instance the app in question is “Motion Tennis“. This app when paired with an Apple TV or other AirPlay device turns your iPhone into a Tennis Racquet allowing you to compete within a virtual game against the computer or a friend. This incredible app truly flaunts the power of the iPhones Gyro Sensors & Apple’s AirPlay Device Mirroring. Check it out in the video below;


I think you will agree that this is a very impressive app that could very easily find its way into a wet day PE Program. Alternatively you could utilise it with junior students at the early stages of learning fundamental movements or the basic rules and gameplay of tennis. To learn more about Apple TV and other AirPlay devices such as “Reflector App” appropriate for this game, check out the blog post here



7 thoughts on “Motion Tennis – An Amazing AirPlay App”

  1. Hello my name is Jamie and I think this app sounds amazing ! I cannot wait to try it out. I also think using this app for PE on a rainy day is a great idea and wish my PE teachers would have used something like this on rainy days. Thank you for adding the video to this post so everyone could see this app in action.

  2. It is amazing what we can do with our iPhones! I’ve never heard of this particular app until I read your post, but I know there are other apps that allow you to use the phone as something, such as a tennis racket. The price of this app is $7.99. I know some people think this is a little high, but I think it would be worth it. As you said, this would be great for rainy days with a PE Class or with children even at home.

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