Google Chrome for PE Teachers – Extensions & Apps

In my opinion Google Chrome is by far the best web browser on the planet, allowing me to operate with a level of fluidity and power not present in other platforms. For many years I used Firefox, however ever since making the switch a few years ago I have not looked back and can easily seek why Chrome recently became the worlds most used web browser. 

So what makes Google Chrome so good? Well its a number of things, but one of the main reasons for me is the plethora of web apps and extensions available that take it from a boring old browser to just about anything you want. So without further a do, checkout the video below in which I highlight my favourite Chrome extensions and web apps.


Download Google Chrome here

Access the Chrome Web Store Here

What are your favourite Google Chrome Apps & Extensions? Let us know in the comments below



5 thoughts on “Google Chrome for PE Teachers – Extensions & Apps”

  1. Check out Class Dojo – my favorite for tracking student behaviors and keeping parents informed.

  2. WOW! I really enjoyed your video. Prior to the current college course I am taking I had never used Google Chrome so to see you walk through the different options (especially the Chrome store) was extremely helpful. As always, thanks for sharing all of this information!

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