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After years of careful consideration, I have finally pieced together an Attendance app that I am more than happy to release to the world. The app is called “Easy Attendance” and is a logical partner to the other Easy Teacher series of apps previously released. The app itself includes a vast array of features that will help mobilise and improve the record keeping and register process for teachers in all subject areas, particularly those in PE.

With the Easy Attendance App You Can:

Easily send reports in a variety of formats to email and Dropbox® including;

✓ Daily Attendance & Missing Students
✓ Full Semester Reports
✓ Summary Reports

Other Features of Easy Attendance include
✓ Customizable Statuses
✓ Easily add observations and notes for each student creating an excellent record of progress or points of interest.
✓ Review these observations or email them to a parent or colleague
✓Easily generate random teams and groups of up to 30 students per group


So what do people think of the Easy Attendance App? I’ll let Lenny The PE Teacher tell you some more…

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4 thoughts on “The Easy Attendance App”

  1. Alexandria Higdon

    This is a wonderful idea! Keeping role on paper is not very 21st century. It can be hard to keep up with how many times a student has been out of class, the ones with perfect attendance, and the ones who miss class regularly. I will keep this one in mind for when I start teaching.

  2. If you have this app on both iPhone and ipad will they sync with each other or must you use one or the other?

  3. After listening to a ‘Fundamental Movement’ Podcast recently and the discussion mentioned time wasted with certain constraints like changing time. Taking attendance would also be another of these time eaters that we should look to technology to speed up. Has there been any developments in this to speed things up. For example students entering classroom and using eye scan or thumb print! Bit futuristic i know but I’m looking at ways of speeding up and outsourcing away from the teacher whilst retaining validity!

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